Turning to the 16-year old, he added that “she would be perfect” and that she should contact him when she turned 18.

Ignoring boundaries, behaving in a manner that suggests you don’t understand what is or isn’t appropriate…

these are all ways that you suggest that you might be a threat to their safety.

But the flip-side of this particular coin is that being socially well-calibrated helps you be creepy… So let’s look at some specific examples of creepers and how they could’ve done things differently.

In Daytona, Florida, a 73-year old man was banned from all beaches in Volusia County for 6 months. He was approaching young women in hopes of getting a sugar-baby – that is, a relationship predicated on a pre-arranged financial arrangement.

According to the Daytona Beach News Journal: creepy.

Approaching strangers and basically saying “I would like to pay you to date me” is, at best, going to get you strange looks.

One of the first things that needs to be discussed when talking about creeps and creepy behavior is to define our terms.

After all, “creepy,” and “creeper” tend to be loaded words, especially for guys.

Richard Basaraba would approach young women and hand them business cards that said “Sugar Daddy Looking For His Sugar Baby”.

On the other side was a picture of a young woman with an older man, an email address and the words “Ask Me About Your Allowance”.

Principle Rooney’s pursuit of Ferris from takes on a very different tone when you realize that the actor playing him was a pedophile.