Walking into this show as a viewer, your profile is the “handsome muscle jock from Massachusetts.” A lot of people in the gay community, that image is so stereotyped.

I’m just a normal guy doing a TV show, but if I can take that fame that I got and put it toward good use and help my career and help people around me, then I want to take that opportunity and run with it?

It’s kind funny, because the majority of the cast, including myself, had no intention of doing the show. I had a client that I trained at the gym for about three years, and for the last two she was telling me I needed to do something to get out of my small town. She started pushing in front of me, and all of a sudden after a year of her nagging me to make a video, I made one just to shut her up, and I sent it and to be honest I forgot I even made it.

29 will mark the 88th anniversary of the biggest catastrophe to ever unfold in the Big Apple — that no one’s ever heard of.

Most remember that awful day in 1929 as Black Tuesday, the great stock-market crash.

“But my first thought was, the poor elephants,” said his wife, Deborah.

The one thing missing from the monument is a disclaimer: The statue, which can move from one place to another on wheels, is real. It’s the brainchild of artist-prankster Joe Reginella, who said, “Even if you know it’s fake, it’s fun.” Last year, he distributed brochures sending dozens of tourists to a nonexistent museum on Staten Island dedicated to a giant-octopus attack in New York Harbor that also never was. I had been coming to the city for modeling for four or five months beforehand and something kept telling me not to the move to the city yet …and then lo and behold, the show came and it was in Brooklyn, so it positioned me perfectly to start my career in modeling and acting."Only KINGS recognize QUEENS," she wrote in the caption. congrats @nas." Nas re-posted the image on his account, adding the words: "Straight Outta Queens!" It appears the pair was celebrating the recent opening of the chicken and waffle eatery, which Nas helped expand to the West Coast.I didn’t do anything on the show that I would regret, so I know once the season’s done being show on air, I won’t have any regrets as to what they show. Out of all the cast members, I’m friends with everyone. As far as dating, I was dating a girl, and things just kind of fell through with that.