Ahead of this the line between New Romney and The Pilot had actually opened on and the rest of the line through to Dungeness opened on 3 August 1928.It was also used by the Department of Petroleum Warfare in the construction of PLUTO ("Pipe Line Under The Ocean") intended to supply fuel to the Allied forces after the D-Day Normandy landings.

updating steam platform stuck-69

It is now the largest single shareholder in the railway and its members provide a significant input of voluntary labour on both operating and maintenance work.

The line was originally laid using second-hand First World War surplus rail.

During the latter stages of the construction of PLUTO considerable damage was caused to the track on the extension when, to speed up the work, lengths of pipe were dragged along the trackbed by bulldozers, resulting in its reduction to a single track after the war. In June 1947 the Duke of Westminster’s railway from Eaton Hall, Cheshire was transported by the Great Western Railway and Southern Railway from Balderton, Cheshire to New Romney in Kent.

It comprised an engine, nine coaches and trucks, and track totalling 222 tons. From 7 September 1977 until 24 July 2015, the railway provided school trains to transport children to and from the Marsh Academy in New Romney.

This usually occurs when targeting enemies from behind waist-high obstacles.

The railway was the dream of millionaire racing drivers Captain John Edwards Presgrave ("Jack") Howey and Count Louis Zborowski.

Most was 25 lb/yd material rolled in the USA, the rest was 12 kg/m rolled in Belgium when the country was under German occupation.

these are the oldest rails on the line, some of which date from the 1890s.

The railway has a Permanent Way team, with a full-time staff of platelayers.