Note: To use Oracle Automatic Storage Management (Oracle ASM) or Oracle Restart, you must first install Oracle Grid Infrastructure for a standalone server before you install and create the database.

Otherwise, you must manually register the database with Oracle Restart.

This section contains the following topics: To complete a minimal Linux installation, select one of the minimal installation options (either a custom installation where you select the Minimal option from Package Group Selection, or where you deselect all packages except for the Base pack).

This installation lacks many RPMs required for database installation, so you must use an RPM package for your Oracle Linux release to install the required packages.

Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel for Oracle Linux is used in all benchmark tests on Linux in which Oracle participates, as well as in the Oracle Preinstallation RPM program for x86-64.

Oracle Ksplice, which is part of Oracle Linux, updates the Linux operating system (OS) kernel, while it is running, without requiring restarts or any interruption. If your Linux distribution is Oracle Linux, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and you are an Oracle Linux customer, then you can complete most preinstallation configuration tasks by using the Oracle Preinstallation RPM, available from the Oracle Linux Network, or available on the Oracle Linux DVDs.

Requirements listed in this document are current as of the date listed on the title page.

To obtain the most current information about kernel requirements, see the online version at the following URL: Oracle Universal Installer performs checks your system to verify that it meets the listed operating system package requirements.

To use graphical user interfaces such as OUI, configuration assistants, and Oracle Enterprise Manager, set the display to a system with X Window System server packages.

Note: If you are not a member of Unbreakable Linux Network or Red Hat Support network, and you are a My Oracle Support customer, then you can download instructions to configure a script that documents installation of a reduced set of packages: SSH is required for Oracle Grid Infrastructure installation.

Oracle highly recommends deploying the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel in your Oracle Linux environment, especially if you are running enterprise applications.

However, using Oracle Linux with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel is optional.

This section provides information about installing a supported Linux distribution.