Comentario del Tutor: Elegí esta sesión ya que abarca un tema que no es muy usual de ver en Argentina , división de polinomios , por otro lado , en esta sesión el alumno no tenia un problema puntual para resolver , sino que necesitaba practica, esto no es muy común , ya que normalmente los alumnos nos piden ayuda para resolver problemas particulares, a su vez trae una complicación , ya que se debe proveer un ejercicio adecuado al nivel del alumno , ni muy básico ni muy elevado . oh yes I do Tutor mmm let me check something oh thats right 🙂 because you erased the 1 now , that was confusing me 🙂 now its perfect ! lets try one like that again that comes out with a remainder.

Student I need help understanding division of polynomial a by monomials and polynomials. Tutor ok let me think another example ok 4x^3 2x^2 5 / x-3 Student How does that look?

and you have a remainder Student not for this one right?

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Our part-time faculty include clinical faculty who guide health students in their practicum experiences at area hospitals, medical centers, and other healthcare facilities 4 GENERAL INFORMATION Economic development Because of the college's many career programs, as well as the computer and professional development workshops offered by the Center for Business and Technology, STCC is a major source of trained employees for business and industry throughout the region.

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Historic Campus Springfield Technical Community College is located on the 55-acre Springfield Armory National Historic Site.

In 1789, George Washington selected this site on for the nation’s first arsenal; Springfield Armory was established by Congress in 1 794. In its 174-year history, Springfield Armory was the center for research, devel- opment, and manufacture of most of the small arms that American soldiers depended on.

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