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There were still FF/REW freezing issues with last model.

Other issues were mainly eliminated after Firmware upgrade.

I rang & emailed Dg Tec with detailed notes of the fault, but their only response was that I should return it or pay for postage & they might be able to repair it.

I tried 3 of that model, & all had that major firmware fault.

(Showed picture ok but sound either out of sink or not at all) At least you could take it back – with no question asked!

Not like some places you buy this type of device..... Looks the same to me – rounded corners, USB & buttons in same place, same logos, same blue light. (Bauhn PVR 2 models back from Dg Tec had major Firmware issues.

See the printed label on the existing drive and check that the new drive does not exceed the parameters.

There may also be some restrictions in the firmware but this is less likely.

The PVR before (by Dg Tec) could not program scheduled recordings well beyond the current date.

Inserting a recording for tomorrow reset other scheduled recordings.

How can it not be worth buying considering Aldi's refund policy and the fact that a 1 TB HDD unit is at least 0? I liked the previous version of this PVR, so expect this will be good value for money.