This is a cumulative hotfix for Sametime 9 Rich Client.

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Whether you are creating a card for yourself or are editing a card that you received from someone else, you can add or change the images on an Electronic Business Card.

If you want to change your own Outlook profile photo, see Change my photo.

This includes font and background colors and text size and alignment.

Take this into consideration when you are working with custom-designed cards.

To eliminate distortion, the image should be the same size as the face of the card, 248 pixels by 148 pixels.

The card itself has an additional one-pixel border on all sides.Your administrator can set certain fields to be read-only.If the information in any of your read-only profile fields is no longer current, contact your administrator.Windows install steps A Windows user can manually install this update by executing the sametime.hotfix.win32_20160315-2045file. Uncompress the TAR files to a folder, and you will see the standard PKG set of files.Refer to the Apple installer Manual page for options and parameters that can be used: Fix for Sametime Chat Fix for business card becomes blue empty when comes the second alert Fix for location plugin exception printed repeatedly Fix for no warning dialog pop up when sending mail to a user which has not an email address Fix for no error message display when failed to login by token Fix for business card does not show partner's time and city, only shows phone number Fix for Alt S shortcut in chat window will open gear menu and block further typing for Polish Fix for Sametime auto-status change for calendar meetings doesn't work Add font-size as a setting on the chat typing area toolbar Fix for Meetings shelf login prompt pops up when reconnect after standby Fix for can not launch cloud meeting in browser via clicking meeting url in rich client chat window on Mac Make chat script be displayed in different styles for user name Fix for missing failover for failed SPNEGO login in Sametime Fix for Notes embedded can not open location dialog from toolbar after run "File-Close All" Fix for alert sounds multiple times when entered a n-way chat on Mac Fix for the photo won't be shown when first hovering on somebody Fix for Notes embedded ST could not auto login at some edge case Fix for status is not automatically changed to "away" after the screen is locked on Windows 10 Fix for no exception stack trace showing in ST client log if exception's message value is null Fix for sometimes the chat partner's photo are not loaded completely Fix for Rich Client on Mac 10.11x consuming lots of threads and pushing CPU up if left on sleep Need a msg to tell user to restart uim client after updating http connect info in uim community preference when user logged on Sametime contact view can not be created properly if not get icon Background of server communities preference page are white on Mac and Linux Chat window can't be opened if file transfer policy is not set When user logout the alert (without recurring) will always pop up Mac: screen capture from menu bar doesn't work Mac: about page can't be displayed if ST main window is on external monitor Rich Text icons in chat window change to enabled after relogin even the chat partner is offline Sametime client will keep reconnecting status for ever if Sametime server restart service Chat parter is still displayed as available in business card when she is offline indeed Quickly hover multiple users one by one.Sametime Connect 9.0 and embedded Sametime 9.0 The Sametime Connect 9.0 cumulative fix package is available in the form of install packages for Windows and Mac.