Interior courtyard of Boston City Hall, a building called in an AIA survey one of the ten proudest achievements of American architecture in the Nation's first 200 years, Campbell, Aldrich & Nulty, whose principals were Nelson Aldrich (architect) and Lawrence Frederick Nulty, architects Frank Joseph Mc Nulty, the U. labor leader and President of the IBEW (1903–1918), was in 1922 elected to the 68th US Congress as a Democrat from New Jersey. Mc Nulty, Jr., who was born in Boston, Massachusetts, was in 1982 elected to a term in the US House of Representatives as a Democrat from Tucson, Arizona. Mc Nulty served 10 terms as a Democratic Party (United States) member of the U. Congress from New York before his retirement in 2009. This is an aerial view of United States Merchant Marine Academy. Mc Nulty, the Supervisor of the Merchant Marine Cadet Corps, founded the Academy during the Second World War and served as its third superintendent. When launched on 8 January 1944, the USS Mc Nulty (DE-581) had a length from stern through keel of 306 feet and a displacement of 1450 tons. This section memorializes personnel of the United States Air Force (Estab. For personnel of the predecessor Aviation Section, U. Signal Corps (1914-1918), United States Army Air Service (1918-1926), United States Army Air Corps (1926-1941) or the United States Army Air Force (1941-1947), see Section "In U. The 314th Airlift Wing dropped 2,800 paratroopers of the 187th Airborne Infantry Regiment and 300 tons of war materials. The violence of the initial enemy rocket and machine gun fire caused seven casualties and created confusion amongst the friendly troops.

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On both occasions Sergeant Mc Nulty inspired all ranks with his aggressiveness and courage which by now had become expected of him in all contacts with the enemy.

On 21 August 1969 while attacking an enemy battalion position, over fifteen members of his platoon including Sergeant Mc Nulty were wounded.

By 1980, there were 19,469 persons surnamed Mc Nulty in the United States Social Security Administration data base. precision airborne assault of Sukchon and Sunchon set the cities’ North Korean defenders back on their heels and reeling toward the Chinese border, abandoning strongly fortified positions and leaving behind loaded weapons with ammunition stockpiles beside them. He retired from the service at the rank of lieutenant colonel before commencing work with the CIA and dying in the agency's service less than a year later.

The surname Mc Nulty was, then, the 2332 most frequently occurring surname in that database. 30 miles north of Pyongyang, however, there still sat the heavily fortified and armed enemy positions at Sukchon and Sunchon. One day later, on 21 October 1950, UN forces out of Pyongyang were able to link with the paratroopers of the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team to consolidate the position. 4,000 more troops and 600 more tons of jeeps, trucks, howitzers and other war materials were airlifted. Mc Nulty had earlier served as operations officer of the United States Army Air Force’s 668th Bomb Squadron, flying A-26 Invader bomber missions over the coasts of France and the Low Countries during World War II. Mc Nulty (1921-1968) was recruited to the CIA in early 1968 from U. Army Special Forces (Green Berets Airborne), where he had served for much of his 28 years in the U. For years the non-official cover for Mc Nulty’s death was that he accidentally died while a private citizen working as a contract adviser to the Thailand National Police."On the 11th May, 1969 a platoon of A Company was pinned down in a heavy contact against an enemy battalion headquarters position.

Sergeant Mc Nulty covered the withdrawal of other members of his platoon, assisted in their evacuation and was finally wounded a second time during his own evacuation."Sergeant Mc Nulty's outstanding conduct and personal courage has been inspirational to all members of his battalion and to South Vietnamese allies.

His exemplary actions reflect great credit on himself, The Royal Australian Regiment and the Australian Army."Citation: "On the night of 10/11 December 1952, Sergeant Mc Nulty commanded the reserve section and the assault pioneer group of the force which assaulted enemy positions on 'Flora' (CT 161208).This use of electrocardiography to diagnose heart block was the earliest application of ECG technology in cardiology and clinical medicine. Mc Nulty became the Superintendent of the Great Lakes Maritime Academy in Michigan. Mc Nulty (USAF) commanded the 61st Airlift Squadron (the Green Hornets) of the 314th Airlift Wing during the highly successful 20 October 1950 U. airborne invasion of Sukchon and Sunchon, North Korea. Mc Nulty arrived at the 668th at the rank of captain and already a seasoned aerial combatant. One of these stars honors CIA case officer or senior operative Wayne J. Each attempt was met by heavy and accurate rocket, claymore, and machine gun fire.Above is an illustration of a turn-of-the-20th-century laboratory set up of the string galvanometer for the taking of an electrocardiograph. Navy research and educational institution charged with developing and disseminating to its officers new methods of naval warfare. Mc Nulty was the institutions Chief of Staff in the 1970s. The USS Mc Nulty (DE-581) was a World War II escort destroyer named for Lt. While Mc Nulty was serving on the USS Thatcher (DD-162), he saved the life of fireman 2nd class Frank E. While the Thatcher was moored at Berth 9, Mare Island Straits, California on July 5, 1921, seaman Honyotski was accidentally knocked overboard from her deck and could not swim against the strong flood tides surrounding the ship. The 61st Airlift Squadron received the Distinguished Unit Citation for extraordinary heroism in action against an armed enemy of the United States for its actions during the Korean War while under Maj. For award of the Distinguished Unit Citation, the collective degree of valor (combat heroism) against an armed enemy by the unit nominated must be the same as that which would warrant an individual award of the Air Force Cross. armed forces, were pitted against North Korean and, later, also mainland Chinese communist forces. Pioneer computer programmer Kathleen Mc Nulty hands a print-out of ENIAC results to its inventors Pres Eckert (left) and John Mauchly (right) in a newsreel dating from 1946. Mc Nulty of the CIA's paramilitary Special Activities Division, National Clandestine Service (responsible for covert operations). Mc Nulty was killed by NVA ground fire while flying with Air America (airline) helicopters to seize and retrieve the weapons. Despite the risk of almost certain death or wounding, Sergeant Mc Nulty could not be deterred in his efforts to rescue the platoon commander.However, historical records such as the 1659 "Census" as well as Griffith's Valuation (1848-1864) show that concentrations of Mc Nultys were found in parts of Ireland where the Mac Donlevys had little presence, coupled with DNA analysis showing that the Mc Nultys may actually derive from other Gaelic families that migrated from Ulaid and not just the Mac Donlevy's.Regardless of their actual origin, the first Mc Nulty to be recorded is found in the Annals of the Four Masters under the year 1281, where an "Murtough Macan-Ulty" is listed as a distinguished fatality at the battle of Desertcreagh in present-day County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. In County Clare and its adjacent County Tipperary in the southwest of the Republic of Ireland, the toponymics Connoulty and Kinoulty are encountered, and are believed to be Anglicisations of Mac an Ultaigh.The name is said to have arisen from a branch of the ruling Ulaid dynasty of Mac Duinnshléibhe (Mac Donlevy) who had migrated to what is now County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland after John de Courcy's conquest of Ulaid in 1177.