For someone so young, he's covered a LOT of his body."Don't even get me started on Aaron Rodgers."When Kaepernick ran that touchdown in, the cameras went to Rodgers on the sideline, and he was just sitting there EATING SOMETHING, rolling his eyes and munching away like he didn't have a care in the world. I hated how some Packers fans couldn't see that the team was right to move on from him.

But they at least get one or two small things that matter to them, instead of getting ink all over their body. Covering their naked body in such a way that it's virtually incapable of being seen. They have muscular bodies and are trying to desexualize them by getting hideous crucifixes and such all over them. How can your body be covered with all that crap by this age? But there's something mentally wrong with someone who wants to do that to his body.

You see this with a lot of hot younger guys who seem...confused. He's hot as hell, and so is Flacco who I never got a good look at until last night after the Super Bowl. Finally some real hotties in the NFL after years of pretty boy Brady, plain jane Brees and the bland Manning brothers.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

I was going to dismiss the tats complaint as the usual prissy whining, until I googled his pics.

Or who are part of a masculinist culture that devalues sex appeal in men. I'm a guy who really likes tattoos on a guy when it fits his overall look and vibe and the tattoos are decent, but his look like shit and he's barely average facially. The guy graduated from college in 4 years with a real degree.

Guys aren't 'supposed' to be seen as sex objects, and this is how they accommodate the culture. Unattractive nose and his facial features are too scrunched up to the middle of his face. Although Kaepernick is not bad looking guy, he is certainly not "sizzlying hot" or even "very attractive"; and this perspective has nothing to do with his tats. If Ivies go out of their way to recruit...[quote]Dartmouth, Harvard and Yale recruited him hard, but Kaepernick's dream was to play Division I football.[quote] Just before the draft, an ESPN researcher gathering info on Kaepernick asked coach Harris about the tattoos.Now, the problem with the offensive play calling of the Packers is going long ALL. TIME in a situation where you need only a quick screen pass to move the chains.Throwing the long pass when you need only say, 6 yards for the first down takes too long and then boom- Rodgers sacked.On June 22, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver will stride across a stage at the Barclays Center and announce the newest No. That player, whether it's Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball or a surprise selection, will immediately be both blessed and cursed. That top pick gets the most money, as well as the prestige associated with being the first overall selection.He'll be a strong candidate for big endorsement deals, and he'll immediately be considered a player capable of becoming the face of the franchise. Expectations can be tough to deal with, and saddling a youthful player with too many can negatively impact his career. During the lottery era, which dates back to 1985, 31 of the 32 top picks have been subjected to both the blessings and the curses.And if they're mostly bible quotes, he must be a real freak too.