He gags on the girth of Brady's beefy boner then spits on the super schlong to give a good cock suck/hand job combo as Josh is eyeballing the newbie's chiseled perfection.

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Added to this, if you have been totally fixated on your baby for the past nine months, your husband may feel displaced.

I remember holding my first son and murmuring, within my husband’s earshot: ‘Is this the man that mummy’s going to love most in her life?

We've paired him with beefcake Josh Brady for his first non-solo scene and sparks fly from the get go!

He opens up to Josh super easy about his ex, his wants and desires AND the LONG list of kinks he's anxious to try at Helix Academy!

Brady always aims to please so he catalogues the kid's kinks and then puts them to some damn good use!

The sex starts out innocently enough with Brady giving Angel and his WELL worked out body a back rub; however, Rivera knows whats lurking under Josh's jeans and is dying to get at it!

Some women do not feel like having sex while they are expecting.

This can start the process by which a man feels his wife is the baby’s territory, rather than his.

’ It’s easy to forget that your spouse may be pining for that torch-beam of pure love to be shone on him.

And if the baby sleeps in the bed or right by your side, as mine did, then he may feel further ousted.

Her mum took the child for a night and my friend donned a little black dress and, yes, killer red lipstick. I have to say that in my eight years editing the Erotic Review magazine, and talking to many women who experienced similar impasses, I always found that stockings and suspenders could work wonders.