* number_pseudoprime — Check if a number is a pseudo prime.Special Numbers * number_carmichael — Returns some Carmichael numbers.Chapter 10 discusses some more interesting properties of integers, in particular, properties of prime numbers and primality testing by using the tools of modern algebra, which are not studied in Chap. In addition, the applications of number theory, particularly those directed towards theoretical computer science, are presented.

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* number_maximalprimegap — Returns the maximal prime gap.

* number_multiprimality — Returns the number of prime factors of n.

Several proofs of the celebrated theorem of Euclid stating that there exist infinitely many primes are given in this chapter.

Further discussion of Fermat numbers, Mersenne numbers, Carmichael numbers, quadratic reciprocity, multiplicative functions such as Euler -function, number of divisor functions, sum of divisor functions etc. This chapter ends with a study on primality testing both deterministic and probabilistic such as Solovay–Strassen and Miller–Rabin probabilistic primality tests.

* number_searchprimroot — Find a primitive root modulo m.

Prime numbers * number_isprime — Checks if a number is prime.Purpose ------- The goal of this toolbox is to provide several Number theory related algorithms. The implementation uses Scilab's double precision integers, therefore is limited to integers in the [-2^53,2^53] interval. * number_solvelinmod — Solves a linear modular equation. Conversion * number_barygui — Plots a gui to see the digits of a number. * number_bin2hex — Converts a binary string into a hexadecimal string.Features -------- * number_addgroupmod — Returns the additive group modulo m. * number_frombary — Compute a number from a matrix of digits.Leonhard was sent to school in Basel and during this time he lived with his grandmother on his mother's side.This school was a rather poor one, by all accounts, and Euler learnt no mathematics at all from the school.* number_primes10000 — Returns a matrix containing the 10 000 first primes.