It radically simplifies mobile app development with the web technologies you love.

The first million unique recipients per month are free.

UPDATE: Facebook announced they will be shutting down early next year.

Or spend double the time and money to launch on both? Or how can you deliver on both platforms to your client for less?

is a beautiful, performance obsessed front-end framework for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5.

Depending on availability you can hire us to do the customizations, seeing as we are very familiar with the code base.

We may accept small customization requests for a generic improvement which can help existing and future customers.

With a single line of code, track any new data point you want.

Parse Push notifications are a direct channel to your app’s users.

While Tinder has captured the generic mobile dating marketshare, there is a still huge opportunity for more niche focused dating apps, or variations with more substance.

Do you develop your initial app for Android or i OS?

By releasing on both Android and i OS you increase your “network effect” where the benefits of using the app increase as more people are using it.