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Unfortunately had to terminate the pregnancy for medical reasons (severe brains malformation) and what I went back to see him, he responded "what is it now"? Afterwards he gave me wrong information about what happened with my baby and risks for future pregnancies. Siddique very professional, knowledgeable and has always listened to my concerns.

I've recommended this doctor before, by now i feel rushed, dismissed and not taken care appropriately anymore. He then proceeded to talk over me as if to assume I don't know anything about medications (I have two degrees in pharmacology and have been dealing with this health issue my whole life). He has not dismissed me when I have offered my suggestions as other Dr's have in the past.

Check out the latest dates / schedule and the course fee 3-day Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training in Canada: Calgary, AB, Edmonton, AB, Montreal, QC, Ottawa, ON, Toronto, ON, Vancouver, BC: ZTBA Six Sigma Green Belt Certification displays your proficiency in the subject matter and potentially increases your value as a professional in the global market.

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The staff are extremely rude, also this clinic really needs to work on adding some cultural diversity to their staff. I have just moved to Calgary and feel very fortunate to have him as my doctor. Most of all he was very helpful, honest, and knowledgable.

I am really starting to wonder how this Dr has not been reported to the college yet. He answered all of my questions and I left with a better understanding of my diagnosis and management plan.

Sometimes there is a wait, but I haven't minded because he's always taken as much time as we need dealing with my issues and questions.

And wjen he has med students that slows things down but they need to learn, I like a doc that is willing to teach others.

Only one of the 3-4 girls up front has ever smiled or been at all friendly when I have been there.