Edition, as sho sat over her work, for when sho roso to leave her backet for somo moro activo household duty, bho bent over her husband for a moment, and said gently, "Caleb, I do not like to hero you say ' Christianity indeed I' ax you did juts now. Tcrhaps such thoughts as theso had passed through tho mind ol Mrs. Allofbt,k Ikrjr alll aril at low prim fur cb awl cab onlr.

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' rta Jili r'a Kaninliinlltm of ( am ii Ih IIUui, wllh J,l.r. God help us to look up, and to trust him for tho 'meat that perisheth.' " They walkod on for awhile; and thou tho wifo said mournfully, "I sometimes fear that it is prido which makes mo shrink from mts'tiug Mr. " Again tho echoing voice thrilled through the soul of the listener again bo heard tho words, "Judgo not!

In fa tli mo.1 brniitlful and ap nmorlnl Bufalifi Nllon for alil Mri'n tr I.I ttm tli Anirlfln iirru, Wnmlilj, a ji, miljr II imp annum, bwulltull 111,1-lralnl. I' Hc, SI, tlr Vlixol' vf l'urrlil Unitl.ta, anil liv null, 1, Ntllnrt on III BMillal H,lrll Jm M'a llvl. l.'k, aitfa an ( 11 1 ,oiniununi, 1'ilc in r'i, Thr lmlr uf all Katloiia, rntnon, fay J. " nor eyes brightenod as sho lookod up choerfuly, "iv, yes, rich In trcaa uro fur moro costly than corth's gold. " "Wo shall boulilo to do so soon, I hopo,"said Welsford; it has been a hard strugglo, Mury, starvation almost, but I think it is nearly over." "Ah, it was ull for me! Edmods would bo patient, if ho know how much you spent in medicines for mo, and how little work you have." JIo Is patient, after a fashion; and wo hnvo reason to bo thankful for that; still ho has said somo crushing tilings to mo-harsh things wich ho may live to rcticnt, things which have mado mo doubt his Christianity." Xny," said Mrs. gently, "I would not judge him; how many inconsistent things wo do." "You aro right, 1 may not lift up my voice; alas, dut little likeness to my Lord is found iu me! iu)in:ins, (MUX Of Tllk I' AI) UK' K,) Dealers In Hardware and Iron, SAVK rrtnnrwl In Ik r oa ('oniowrr trrt amrly nppoul K tlw Ettrkanrr llot H, alwr alll fa I a fararr iik Iron. T k, loruilaf Tuola, llul Mlroi Matrrkil., 1'nllrrr A.

Nw ii, n Utflcllllua, villi a 4l U Hmimki un luainiunkin, I'rlrt, 4A t., lln H! Uhiiinlautaur J"Ko Wllloo, mf 1 10 HP I'r V rrnla. ' Cut tho lesson of tho dream was not quite lost iitou him, for ho awoke to a dct'icr spirit of Christian cnarity, a nobler self denial, a holier humility, a nearer likeness to Jesus. Will prnrtlr In tlw Ninth Jullc M llrrull, ami Mk aud Bnrlamruf tlw Kkrliili.

Hxrlaw, l ri Kllrlnii'a Hvaamia far bring a Ilnpl M. " aud as ho dwelt uni them the vision slowly faded, aud he, liunyun like, I awoke, "and behold it was a dream! IITY, Jtt H owawmit aiiv ATrii Nitv T uw, Axn Kitirrnia M illaxntir T, TVKKKUMt, AU. frmrla nf a'llnn, Uontoa, miwr, luantuii, i,u., i Mwmanii Marroifo, MIT llltlr al (uxloll, Wllnn I uuulr.

rkana af dwt and ualanl paan In an Infotlrd alnn-plwr, ni ! Mr kroilwn la the mia UIrr kat awd II allb auh anrruw.

and a dmlr for ll (nrl aw, bu drana frota nw IW anwkrl M Irallnowial In it.

toil aorial rvr nwilnit in ia ht onpr, wnl fa mall. Cftmtil M-tl mm I i ai Hil Kxpoard, far i, fl, llm.i tarnt. Tho fireside morning worship was just ended, and Charles Welsford wasabout to go forth to his daily toil, when a gentle knock at tho door spoko of a 11 oppi li O ' i li U ! IIn,ii U ,l.u uniark:iiml roi H' Wa'tki' nllr of b U pnifmalonal arrtlro to ...r K in .iiaron aioi to .iirmiiiiiiiit nmntwa. Inn prompt awl nwrgrlie attrnllun to all miru.t, ul in 1,1.,, CIIJXS A.

.l 'oniiaiilnn, i rliol nillrrllon or llvmna ami Mine, fur tli Hanrtuarr, lllnil, Mtbhalli r Vliml. Tli Abrntinnilr Currnnnl nn llmuivl fnr Infant l,ni. Ho had been taught iu that brief twilight musing, ono of the grand old lessons ol the Iiook of God. UMwi uvr ISirt Pr' Hlnre, AW N(WICK.a Tlt fn.t lallr J Iwlwiwu Mriiil. la III iimrtlw nf law, hn i Iwi'tt il Uaolvuil far tfa rllnui Mtl or llr.

t mvfunr Wnrka TIi m of m "Poor as regards this world only, Mary!