With increasing visibility - and increasing financial investment - may come even more bearding stunts.How does Sam having close female friends make him possibly Bi?

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Which come here offending people in this thread and try to make us responsible for her lost illusion. I do wonder why if they felt the bearding was so necessary, they didn't pick someone more like CB/Claire. I guess she was the only one desperate enough to go along w it. it's only hurt Sam's career and alienated his fans. And some of the comments like "Why is it celebs all have to voice opinions politically when in realmlife, they aren't around the ordinary citizens so need to educate themselves before they pass their ignorant opinions" are really digusting homophobic.

Thanks for bringing the discussion back to the main and original issues. Your publicists need to focus on promoting the talents of their brilliant gay actors and stop trying to twist the public's perception of who they really are...[quote]In addition to Miller, Augustus Prew, who recently got engaged to his partner, joined the cast along with El Gamal, a gay Muslim actor. Warm, intelligent, mature, sophisticated, funny etc. I fear some sort of bearding will go on because a huge part of Sams fanbase include such "normal people and everyday men" (as they call themselves).

OTOH, straight guys rarely waste time pursuing women they don't want to fuck and they have no reason to hide it. If he were bi, he could easily pass for straight with his part-time female fuck buddies but how many women are cool with sharing? Just stop trying to make "bisexual Heughan" happen.[quote]I really DGAF I just think he's a really good human gay , straight or whatever , it really shouldn't matter so much .

Shame that it does You're obviously straight and yeah, it's a shame that we gays are defined by our sexuality and that Hollywood plays a huge part in perpetuating the limiting stereotypes and discriminatory practices that keep it this way. I fervently wish that what the poster in Comment 19 said might be true - that is, that the current level of commentary on DL and other thoughtful SM sites has led to a decrease in bearding behavior and Shamzie support.

My cousin private messaged me and was like "I went to RCS with Heughan,remember? " Couldn't he find someone in Scotland " well he has and does have very close female friends in Glasgow I've seen him with them .

" , I didn't because my cousin isn't in the acting/directing game anymore and is now working as a "civilian", so I'd completely forgotten he went to the Conservatoire as its now called. His current favourite having recently visited him in SA , think she has a SO but still is very friendly with probably gay but just maybe bi Sam . Why bother so much he'll leave the closet when and if he is ever ready , I really DGAF I just think he's a really good human gay , straight or whatever , it really shouldn't matter so much .

El Gamal calls the casting “subversive” especially given the material at hand. Think about how crazy people are about CB (even despite the Claire portrayal) and Sam. They are not only blind but also horrified to see him as a gay man.

Queer actors are typically pigeonholed into playing roles that align with their gender and sexuality, but here, openly gay men play everything from heterosexual love interests to escape artists and ISIL villains. [quote]“It’s exciting to see that [Wentworth] coming out has not had any effect on how much people love the show,” El Gamal told Huff Post. It's so sad.[quote]They are not only blind but also horrified to see him as a gay man. You can hide your true self and try to please everyone, which ends up pissing off the people you care about or you can self-advocate and be the change you want to see in the world, which ends up pissing off the people you don't care about.[quote]The beard got a little out of control with liking a really ugly IG story on her BFF Paydin IG account.

R4, I started this thread that is, clearly, about GAY Sam Heughan.

Sadly, if his bearding with MM is not over -we'll see what happens during the next weeks- we'll have to talk about the shamzie fauxmance too, like we've done in the last threads.

I have "super close" male and female friends who are gay.