That said, we are also well aware of other incredibly handy ‘manly’ websites out there who are doing things, well, quite alright.We wanted to write this blog and give you, our community members, a bit of insight on what what we have declared, the Top 10 ‘Manly’ Men’s websites for Guys on the interest that are doing it right. **Updated – The 60 best websites for men on the internet – Read Now 10.If you’re looking for a place to learn how to be more manly, should definitely be on your reading list… Mens Health Being a healthy man is important, we know it, you know it and is there to help you stay on top of it.

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One of the standout features of the website is it’s ‘chickipedia’, a list that is constantly updated and sure to keep you happy-eyed.

Simply put, is a great online destination that should be on every man’s map. GQ GQ is not a foreign name to the male world by any means.

or just keep yourself busy with the nine other websites listed here. Brotips Brotips are like memes, but much more manly, funny, relevant and less annoying.

If you haven’t been to yet, you should definitely get on over and waste some time reading through, what seem to be endless, brotips.

a site dedicated to food, drink, style, and ‘tips’ related to all manly and bachelor type things.

Want to know if that shelf is too high or if jeans match that shirt, it’s here. Modern Male is definitely a spot you should check out.

The site features all the latest tips on being a man, living like a man and answering most questions that men have regarding everything, and we men everything. Artofmanliness These guys nailed it, being manly is an art and they are setting out to help refine.

Askmen has bee around for quite some time and they have consistently been manly and awesome. Art of manliness is a website loaded with great ‘manly’ articles ranging from money and career advice, to a great section on manly skills, tutorials and all around good information.

Although the website isn’t ‘huge’ by any means, it doesn’t really need to be, the level of awesome content makes up for that. Dedicated to dating tips, advice and video walk-throughs, this website will surely up your skills in the dating department.