Just as my wife and I sat down to do the preliminaries before the Muhurtham at 9 a.m., some persons on the roadside exclaimed that Sankaracharya was coming that side.

Within seconds the gathering in the marriage pandal moved over to the road and the Paramacharya arrived there and stood just near the entrance.

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The occasion when I came in close proximity to Paramacharya's presence was in 1959.

He was then camping at Madras, giving daily discourses and darshan to devotees in the Sanskrit College premises at Mylapore.

Paramacharya himself mentioned a few other names and traced their relationship to another family in Madras.

Then he pointedly asked whether I knew a particular person in that family.

On his enquiry about the welfare of my sister and her husband I told him that they were yet to have a child and that there was no cause for worry and gave me prasadam which I sent to my sister.

A son was born to her and by Paramacharya's grace he has progressed well.I felt I had to remain at Hqrs that day to fulfil certain official obligations and told the Inspector that I would have to miss the Rameswaram visit with much regret.Imagine my joy when the Inspector brought news the next day that the Paramacharya had at the last minute extended his stay in the island for three more days.My wife and I prostrated before the Paramacharya and in reply to his query I told him briefly us with his benign look and smile and gave us a coconut as prasadam.we again prostrated before him and he turned back to his camp.Thinking rather naively that the Paramacharya wouldn't be happy about persons like me with cropped head and western dress, I did not go to see him, though I was very close by.