I met people from Europe, the United States, and all over Canada.

Please give me feedback as to what you might like to see added to the guestbook, or problems encountered.

I plan on adding a button so users can choose to display their email address if they like - the default right now is not to display, and can't be changed.

So if you want people to contact you, leave it in the comments box too.

:) Mike Drenth Not sure how many of you have noticed, but the Temagami Guestbook has come under attack by spam bots that are pasting in piles of links to porn sites and other garbage.

I am willing to set up a guestbook for people to use, like this one, but with a different type of script that I can use and edit to respond to these types of threats.

While I have strived to help out by creating a forum at my website at your can keep in touch and ask questions, it hasn't recieved much use yet.One of the owner's was named "Margaret" and I forget the other person.While I was there there it was quite the international group of campers.Since I am rarely away, activation will be within a day most times.If things go smoothly without spam, I will turn off email verification so posting will be immediate.The amount of junk posts was getting overwhelming and time didn't allow me to keep it as clean as it should be. I have added modifications to it to stop harmful scripts and allow me to verify posts by email notification before they go public to make sure nothing is posted to the site that could be offensive.